At Hugo’s Details, we are your go-to experts in paint correction in Santa Barbara.  We are known for our paint correction and paint protection. Your paint encounters many environmental hazards on a daily basis. Your formerly glossy finish is now probably dull and covered with swirls. Those swirls can be caused by improper washing techniques and are much more noticeable on darker colored cars. If your cars paint needs more than just an exterior detail and a much more higher end kind of service, then one of our paint correction packages is the one for you.



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This is considered our exterior enhancement correction package. Where we perform a 1 step cutting/compound step to remove moderate amount of swirl marks. We don’t go after the deeper scratches in our enhacement correction package. After our cutting step we follow up with a polishing step to remove the haze on the paint left behind from our cutting step to bring back the clarity and deep gloss finish. After this step the paint is ready to be protected.

This is our ultimate package for paint correction where we perform a multistage cutting step to remove swirls and heavy scratches as possible and the safest way as possible. Following up with a redefining/polishing step to remove the haze left behind from our cutting step and then we follow it with a finishing polishing step. Then we preserve the paint with a professional ceramic coating or paint sealant whichever protection of your choosing.

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