Do you like to keep your car clean, do you clean the interior as often as you should? Considering all the time you spend inside your vehicle?

For most people, their vehicle is basically their second home, whether they us their vehicle to commute, travel, work, errands, etc. We clean our homes regularly but what about our vehicles?

Benefits of an Interior Detail

  • Cleans and removes stains and spills
  • Maintains your vehicle’s interior for a longer life span
  • Helps recover from children’s messes and general wear and tear
  • Removes smells and odors

Our Interior Detailing Process

  1. Complete vacuum
  2. Shampoo fabric seats
  3. Shampoo carpets
  4. Hot water extraction on carpets & upholstery(fabric)
  5. Clean the leather (2 step process):
    1. Clean(shampoo) leather seats
    2. Condition leather seats
  6. Detail all plastics, vinyls, and rubbers
  7. Clean all vents, electronics and sensitive components
  8. Clean the headliner
  9. Clean the windows

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