At Hugo’s Details, we are your go-to experts in paint correction in the Santa Barbara area. Here, we are known for our mobile paint correction and paint protection. Your paint encounters many environmental hazards on a daily basis. Your formerly glossy finish is now probably dull and covered and swirls. Those swirls can be caused by improper washing techniques and are much more noticeable on darker colored cars. If your paint needs more than just an exterior detail and more than a Level 1 paint correction, then our Level 2 package is the one for you.


Our Level 2 Paint Correction includes our complete Exterior Detail package. This package includes a paint decontamination wash and clay bar, a full deep cleaning of the wheels, tires cleaned and dressed, and trim conditioned. After this we prepare the vehicle for the paint correction by taping off the rubber, plastics, and lights. Our rubbing compound is applied much more aggressively than our level 1, and can remove up to 95% of swirls, oxidation, and most deeper scratches. We then apply polish to remove any haze remaining. Lastly, we apply a polymer sealant to provide up to 6 months of protection.  You always have the option to upgrade to a Ceramic Pro coating. Contact us for a free quote today!


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