Getting regular details for your Porsche is essential to keeping it looking like new. Maintain your ceramic coating and paint correction with some of the best Porsche detailing in the Santa Barbara area. We specialize in detailing high-end vehicles, like Porsches, so we are the team that you can trust to give your vehicle a quick refresh. We offer a wide variety of detailing packages that best fit your Ferrari and its needs. The best part of Hugo’s Detailing? We are mobile, so we come to you! Contact us today about our detailing packages.


If you are looking for the best Porsche paint protection in the Santa Barbara area, you have found it here at Hugo’s Details. Our mobile shop specializes in protecting high-end vehicles, like your Porsche 911, Taycan, or Panamera. Living in Santa Barbara, wax does not stand a chance. It is the best way to keep your paint looking cleaner for longer by creating a glass-like barrier between your paint and exterior contaminants. With its hydrophobic properties, water will bead up and roll off of the surface of your paint taking dirt and debris with it. Avoid creating scratches and swirl marks with improper washing techniques, as ceramic coating helps prevent the need for that. Contact us for more information!


Is your Porsche’s paint a little damaged? With the low center of gravity that these cars have, they are a target for external damages. Paint correction is the only way to get rid of the swirls and light scratches that have accumulated with improper washing techniques that your car has been through in the past. Normal exposure to the external elements can leave your paint looking unsightly. At Hugo’s Details we’ll return your car to you better than it looked on the day you brought it home. We’ll touch it right up and bring it back to life. Get your car looking better than new and ready for a Ceramic Coating package!


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